The mission of Pet Therapy Stories is to share inspiring and heart warming stories from therapy dogs worldwide. If you’re a therapy dog, we’d love to feature your story.

We know there are a lot of very special pups out there and we want to shine a light on all the great work they’re doing. Won’t you join us?

Hi! We’re Hope and Faith

About pet therapy stories founders Hope & Faith

We’re two lovable Golden Retrievers and we’re both Certified Therapy Dogs. Our mom says we’re the inspiration behind this site. Mom started doing pet therapy with Hope in 2014, and Faith in 2016. Between the two of us we’ve visited with hundreds of people, and we’ve had some pretty special encounters.

We’ve visited with folks at all kinds of places, including the VA Hospital, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab centers, senior centers, libraries, high schools, colleges and universities, homes for the disabled, and even a chronic pain and addiction support group. People love us everywhere we go, and we know it’s the same for all the dogs out there doing volunteer pet therapy.

We have pet therapy friends in California, where we’re from, and in North Carolina, where we now live. We figured with all the people and pups we know doing pet therapy, there’s got to be some pretty inspiring stories out there. We want to share those stories so people can see all the good we’re doing in the world. Who knows, maybe it will inspire more people to get their dogs certified and start sharing their love with those who need it most. We thought creating this website would be a great way to do that. We hope you agree!


Hope & Faith

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About Pet Therapy Stories founder Debbie LaChusa
Debbie with her husband Louie, and Hope & Faith

Pet Therapy Stories was created by Debbie LaChusa. Debbie has been an online entrepreneur and blogger since 2004. She’s been involved in volunteer pet therapy since 2014, and is registered with her dogs, Hope and Faith, through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Previously certified with Love on a Leash, Debbie is a former Visit Captain and member of the Love on a Leash National board of directors.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, in 2018 she moved with her husband and two golden retrievers to the mountains of Western North Carolina.

When she’s not doing pet therapy you’ll find her writing, blogging, teaching online, or out enjoying the beautiful mountains.

To learn more please visit her website at