Therapy Angel Midnight

Midnight was the consummate therapy dog–a big black GSD with an even bigger heart who was as comforting to 103-year-old patients as she was to children with disabilities.

Therapy Angel Jessie

Jes truly loved to greet patients and enjoyed doing her tricks for, and being petted by, everyone she met. She absolutely knew she was beautiful, inside and out and enjoyed life.

Therapy Angel Oli

Oli was rescued from Lab Rescuers in 2014. From the beginning, he showed so much love to everyone, especially children.

Therapy Angel Rocky

Rocky and I visited nursing homes and hospitals. Rocky received his AKC therapy dog title. Rocky also got the Therapy Dogs International Gold award for over 500 visits.

Therapy Angel Comet

Comet and I visited nursing homes, hospitals, schools, colleges, and kids read to him at the library in the pet therapy reading program.

Therapy Angel Kona

Kona the Love Sponge started his therapy career just after his first birthday. He was a natural. It was because of him that the San Diego Central Chapter of Love on a Leash was created.

Therapy Angel Caddis

Caddis was my first therapy dog. She and I had a close bond. Every night she slept with her head on a pillow on my bed. The first thing I saw in the morning were her big beautiful eyes.

Therapy Angel Sigi

The young woman had her face in Sigi’s fur and was holding her. Her sobbing had stopped. Sigi knew where she was needed most.