Therapy Angel


Jes truly loved to greet patients and enjoyed doing her tricks for, and being petted by, everyone she met.

Jessie was just the best sheltie that ever was to me. I saw her uncle Teddy (Linda Husson’s boy) at a local dog show in Newburgh, New York in an obedience trial and the little guy knocked my socks off. Linda barely had gotten out of the ring before I had the name of her breeder (Elaine Wishnow) and that very night I called Elaine. Low and behold, Elaine’s Malashel’s Golden Vanity was due to give birth two weeks later. When the pups were 5 weeks old, I took a train from Manhattan to Sheepshead Bay to pick out my girl. I actually had my husband’s office worried because I was there for three solid hours and they thought for sure that this directionally dysfunctional girl was lost!

At the age of eight weeks, Jessie came home to be companion to our two teenagers, Steve and me. We had many firsts together, Jes and I. We learned obedience together, making our mistakes along the way as first time obedience teams do. But learn we did by taking classes again and again. I was truly blessed with a sheltie that wanted to please so very much. She obtained her CD in three shows which greatly swelled my heart.

Jes and I also took trick training and other fun classes together and she had a lovely resume although we never followed up on our acting career. We gave many demonstrations to local children’s groups and obedience demonstrations for local humane societies. We also teamed up with fellow obedience friends to form the K-Nine Bandaiders. The group, formed in 1993, is still going strong doing nursing home and hospital visits throughout Orange County, NY. This was truly our calling.

While Jes wasn’t too happy accepting another dog in her space, she was a wonderful therapy dog and over time came to accept that those other dogs were indeed part of our pack. Jes truly loved to greet patients and enjoyed doing her tricks for, and being petted by, everyone she met. She absolutely knew she was beautiful, inside and out and enjoyed life. Jes had a ready sheltie smile and was beautiful right to the end. She helped me to form wonderful friendships that will remain with me throughout my life.

Steve and I were away on vacation when Jessie passed, but she spent her last days as well as I could have wished, lazing on a sunny lawn with a chewy and playing with my buddy Sandy’s grandchildren. She went to sleep that fateful night of July 27, 2007 and breathed her last without having any pain or a long painful illness.

Even at the end, she was my comfort. And comfort she was, seeing us through the ups and downs of life, barely tolerating, then welcoming the many cats and sheltie companions that joined our family over the years. I shall always remember her beautiful smile and gentle companionship. Rest well, my beautiful girl.

Jessie and her handler Les were certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs and worked for 10 years in New York before Jes crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 27, 2007

RIP sweet therapy angel Jessie