Therapy Angel

Kona the Love Sponge

In his 10 years of service, Kona made over 1800 visits, and met well over 10,000 people.

Kona the Love Sponge started his therapy career just after his first birthday. He was a natural. It was because of him that the San Diego Central Chapter of Love on a Leash was created. In his 10 years of service, he made over 1800 visits, and met well over 10,000 people in need of some furry TLC. He was also a mentor to most of the chapter’s 300+ dogs.

He had a special love for visiting hospice patients.

Because of his service to the San Diego community, he was awarded a special proclamation from the Mayor of San Diego, making August 20th “Kona the Therapy Dog” day.

Kona and his handler Sue were certified with Love on a Leash. Kona worked for 10 years in San Diego, California before crossing the Rainbow Bridge on August 26, 2019.

RIP sweet therapy angel Kona

Kona is the Angel Ambassador here at Pet Therapy Stories. We think he’s earned it!

You can follow Kona, and his posts from The Great Beyond, on his Facebook page here

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  1. Kona is such a special dog. I was honored to know him, and his mom Sue for many years. I worked at the VA Medical Center in San Diego, and for a number of years Kona was a regular visitor to our Spinal Cord Injury Center; always a favorite of the patients, and a great snuggler. I will remember and miss him always.

  2. Happy tears again oh my Darling Kona you are so missed baby. Your mom Sue is amazing for doing this…I hope I get the honor of meeting Sue one day xoxox

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