Therapy Angel

Sigi Dornbusch Firtel

Sigi truly was an angel.

Every Wednesday morning we would go to the infusion center at a local hospital. This particular Wednesday, I was standing next to a man with very shiny shoes, and we were talking, and Sigi was by my side. Soon a young woman and her husband walked into the room, the woman was crying uncontrollably. She had just seen her oncologist. The nurses brought her to the empty chair next to us and closed the curtains around her. I continued hearing her cry.

The man with the shiny shoes and I continued talking, and at one point I looked down towards Sigi, who wasn’t there anymore. She had turned and slipped underneath the curtain and was standing with her paws up on the side of the chair next to the woman. The young woman had her face in Sigi’s fur and was holding her. Her sobbing had stopped. Sigi knew where she was needed most.

I later found out this woman passed away a few weeks later.

Sigi and her handler Judy were certified with Love on a Leash. Sigi worked for six years in San Diego, California before crossing the Rainbow Bridge on March 8, 2019.

RIP sweet therapy angel Sigi