In these difficult and often trying times, there are glimpses of unmistakable beauty.

Case in point, Malorie Merrill, Reading Specialist at Woodfin Elementary had a request: would a Fur Kidz Sake pet therapy team be willing to do a reading session with a dog via Zoom? Mary Ann Merrill, one of our long-time volunteers with her Golden Retriever Doc said sure!

So last week. Doc opened up Zoom on his computer and voila: there were siblings Clay and Sallie. The call went better than expected.

First grader Clay hadn’t responded well to “distance learning,” said Malorie, “He hadn’t shown his face or spoken on a Zoom call; he would only send us a typed chat message. Today, with Doc and Mary Ann, he showed his face, read a book, asked questions, and even told us all about his favorite stuffed animal. I am so happy we got to provide this experience for him.”

So Doc (and Mary Ann) were invited back for a second week. She took this picture of an attentive Doc and Clay.

Doc and his handler Mary Ann have been certified for three years. They are certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs and are members of Asheville, North Carolina pet therapy group, Fur Kidz Sake.